What to do when you feel insecure

This showed up for me lately I wanted to share with you what to do about it. My own boyfriend was going away for a couple of days and I could see my own head going on a little spin. What if he meets someone more interesting than me? What if he loses interest? What if he has better fun without me? What if our relationship doesn’t work out? but here is the thing, even people in great relationships feel insecure. Even dating coaches feel insecure, it took me 9 shots to shoot this video and I still think it is crap, but I put it out to the world anyway.

People in healthy relationships feel insecure

Even people in healthy, loving relationships feel insecure, because in healthy relationships you know that guy is into you but he not intoxicating you with his love. There are people married fifteen or twenty years who doubt their relationship. You doubt yourself on a second date, wondering if he will ask you out again. Is he going to commit to me, after sleeping with him. Of course you are going to feel this way, your invested in the outcome but here the secret, you must…..

Show up in the relationship as you want it to be instead of reacting to what is

Let me explain, so if he calls you everyday since you first met and then this one particular night he does not call you, before you think to freak out at him. Step back and observe the situation, think about it. If he treats you well, you can trust him, he is true to his word, sensitive to your needs. Then you must stop and ask you what is going on here for me. How you react here will determine the outcome of your relationship every time.

Own it

You must own your own bullshit, if you are thinking oh he didn’t call me because he doesn’t like me, he losing interest, he doesn’t find me interesting well that is your stuff and not his to own.

And back to my second point if you understand it is your insecurity that is causing the discomfort either write it down and recognize it for what it is or do what I do, email a friend with your crazy thoughts, so you can release them. She must be a very understanding and safe friend to share with after all our thoughts can sound pretty crazy sometimes. Once you have released your fears then you can go back to be being the hot confident chick that you are and he will never know a thing! That is showing up in the relationship as you want it to be.

Also with great boyfriends you can share your fears, great partners understand they will smile support you and enjoy your honesty. Also remember men have fears too!

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