What Do Women Do That Is The Biggest Turn Off To Men?

I took to the streets of Dublin and asked ordinary men what they found was the biggest turn off about women. The answers were interesting.

This is the first guy I interviewed and I feel he had a few valid points. Before you decide to get mad with me for posting a video about a woman being lazy, think about what he says. Do you always bring your best self to your relationship?

He is a high energy and good looking man. I got the impression when talking with him that he would be a lot of fun. He gives you the impression he demands high standards of himself and maybe of others. He is break dancer and that is how he makes his living. He appears to love the carefree life and was very happy to chat with me. He also knew what he wanted from life and oozed confidence. All very attractive traits to both men and women.

Do you posses confidence, do you know what you want from life, do you enjoy your life?

These are qualities men adore in women.

Even thought this video series is for fun a lot of the men shared very valid points.

They talked about things I teach you.

What did he mean by lazy?

Is it a woman with no ambition? A woman who wants the man to do everything for her? Can you think of times in your life where you have being lazy in your relationship? Did it effect your relationship with him?

What about “acting like a woman” his second point. Some women really struggle with this. It is a major turn off to men when the woman acts like him or when a woman makes a man feel like he is not needed. Beware if you are doing this in every day life.

My goal here is not that you must go around pleasing every man, meet his needs and not your own, but if you keep watching these videos you will find a lot of clues to what is effective with men and what is not.

Enjoy the video and make sure you go ahead and download your FREE copy How A Man Chooses His Girlfriend Here.

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