Do you know one of the most attractive things to a man is a woman who doesn’t need him. She is confident, self-assured, has values, she knows what she wants and she knows where she is going. Wouldn’t you love to know how to do that? Wouldn’t you love to know how to show a man that you value yourself? So you can attract the quality men?

Then embrace these 5 juicy tips…….

1. Men chase, you chose

Keep this phrase in mind “Men chase, you chose” A man values something he has made an effort for. Women mistakenly think or feel that men have control over the terms and conditions of where the relationship is going, when really the choice is yours. Once you understand this concept, you’ll find you always get what you want.

2. You set the standard

When you meet a new guy for the first time, he’s either going to make the effort for you or not. The right guy asks you out, plans the date, makes sure you have a good time. The wrong guy gives you his number, tells you he wants nothing serious, and yet you continue to date him. Remember…you set the standard…you demonstrate your value by showing him how to treat you. So which is, which guy are you going to give your time too?

3. You show him how to treat you

He will take your lead. How you show up and act shows him how much you value yourself, and the standards you’re willing to accept. A man knows a quality woman when she is able to communicate what she wants, and shows him that she knows how to get it. And I am not talking about using men here I am talking about a simple scenario like when the guy pushes for sex and says he doesn’t want anything serious and you wanted to be his girlfriend, instead of seeing this as a turn off you continue to date him, hoping things will change. Your value has just plummeted. Always be true to you first.

4. Allow him to make a fuss of you

Women have the easier part to play in dating world. All you’ve got to do is show interest, make him feel good, and allow him to make a fuss of you. You do this by telling him you enjoyed his company, appreciating the effort he makes for you, the car journey he takes to come and see you and being comfortable with being taken care of. Because allowing a man to make a fuss of you is a win, win situation it makes him feel good to be appreciated and allowed to be the man in the relationship and it makes you feel good because you are demonstrating that you are a woman of value and you want the ma nin your life to want to be there and want to be with you. A guy is either into you or he not and when he into you, he will go to great lengths for you. Remember this.

5. Never deny your own feelings

If it doesn’t feel right and you’re head is saying one thing while your gut is saying something else, then it’s probably not right. You know when you’re in a new relationship, and you really want it to work out? You might try to change how you act or who you are to please your new partner. This never works out because people who value themselves as they are don’t try to change to be loved or cared for. They know the right guy will show up as long as they, as in you are always bringing the best version of you to every date, every interaction.

Practice what I share with you here and watch the positive results start to show in your life. You can have a guy who is amazing, who you are incredibly attracted too and treats you like royalty but you must demonstrate it first that you are a woman of value.

Lorna is a dating coach who helps women like you get RESULTS, the guy you have always wanted. Book your FREE Find Love Today Discovery Session here.

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