How To Avoid Falling Too Fast & Ending Up With The Wrong Guy


Are you tired of always attracting the wrong guy? Wondering what you are doing wrong and how you can attract a quality guy and keep him. This audio series shares with you exactly what holds you back from attracting the love you desire and deserve. It also gives you the know how, tools, tips and scripts never to repeat the same pattern again.



You Will Want This Audio If:

  • You don’t trust yourself and who you fall for and don’t want to repeat the same mistake!
  • You find yourself continually attracting emotionally unavailable men, players and men who won’t commit
  • 5 signs to watch out for to avoid the men who are just looking for “fun”
  • You want to know No.1 mistake women make with men
  • You wish someone would just come along and show you exactly how to get it right this time. So yoou could just meet your dream man and be done with dating forever!


What’s Included:

  • 90 minute audio sharing with you 5 signs to watch out for, 7 reasons why you end up with the wrong guy, how do you know it is the wrong guy? The common mistakes women make with men, including No. 1 mistake that keeps you trapped with the same guy but a different face, how to let go, your dating road map with a quality guy, what love with the right guy looks like so you can tell the difference

And bonus….

  • Know the red flags and signs that the man you are dating is not into long-term love downloadable audio & PDF bonus