Happy, love your life, have great friends and family but is there is this one thing missing? Years are passing and you are still single. Wondering if having your own family or marriage is ever going to happen for you? Feeling like it is too late now to do something about it and constantly ask yourself the question what is wrong with me, why can’t I find a guy I am attracted too?

You don’t believe in happy ever after

Accept this or don’t… that is up to you, but do think about your life as we chat this out. Why do you attract the type of men you date? Do you attract the guys who always disappear? Are you great first date and never goes any further? Have you ever stopped and taken a good look at the thoughts behind your experience.

Do you believe in love? Are you fearful of getting hurt, rejection, fear or being trapped? Do you think there is something wrong with you or you are not enough? Do you really believe you can have happy ever after?

I always say there are only three type of men you can date. The wrong guy, the boring guy and the right guy.

The wrong guy is the guy who is hard to get rid of, who plays games, is not going anywhere, blows up your phone when he feeling alone. Maybe you sleep with him on occasion but deep down you know this relationship is going nowhere.

The boring guy he is great on paper and you are dating him because you do want to meet that exciting guy, you know the man of your dreams but you don’t believe you can have it all, so you settle. Or you think this guy who really nice to you, your family thinks he great is the best you are going to get so you go along with it and you try to make it work, you try to convince yourself he is the one. Well let’s face it, he’s the best you have had so far but you are not feeling it. There is one thing missing you are just not that attracted to him and that feels like a big problem.

You are right, he is not it!

Then there is the right guy, he treats you like a million dollars, you are turned on by that, he is manly and attractive, fun, playful, gets you and is so damn attractive. Your relationship feels like you are both just as madly into each other. It feels easy and freshening, you don’t need anyone else’s approval because you know you have rocked it this time.

So, why do so many women end up being asked out be guys they are not interested in and the guys they like that you know is a good fit for you don’t even know you exist.

Here is why…..

You don’t go after what you really want

You don’t go after what you want, really… you don’t! Because of your fear of looking stupid, believing you can’t have him, or that you won’t know what to say to the cute guy. You hold back, you avoid, you insult him or you pretend you have your whole life together and you don’t need him.

And do you know where this behavior gets you? Nowhere, it gets you the wrong guy or the boring guy over and over again.

Want the guy you like to want you? Then change your game. Get the skills, the knowledge, the understanding, the confidence to have what you want. Yup, because anything worthwhile is outside your comfort zone.

Lorna is a dating coach helping women like you succeed in love. Get your FREE cheat sheet 7 Surefire Signs He Wants A Long-Term Relationship With You here.

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