Believe In Yourself

I attended a networking event this week and we all had to go around the table and tell everybody what we do, how we help others and a juicy tip. I started off really, really well and then I decided to add another piece to the end. I stumbled at the end. Thing were going so well till I walked up stair and a friend said to me. Lorna, I want to talk to you. So I walked over and do you know what he said to me. He told me to believe in myself. I thought I was over that by now, obviously not.

This is what happens when you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t go talk to the guy you like, you feel like nothing ever works out for you and you come across slightly weak. Yes weak I hate to say it but it true.

This is what happens when you decide to believe in yourself….
a) You will start to trust your own decision making-your gut if he is the right guy for you

b) You will go after what you want because you will know you are worthy and worth having what you want

c) One of the most attractive qualities men desire in a woman is a woman who knows what she wants-that oozes confidence.
Do you believe in yourself? And if you don’t start, start today by taking baby steps-like chatting to the guy you like instead of pretending you hate him.
Believe, believe, believe!

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