Are You Ready To Be A Magnet For Love?

Magnet for love programme,

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself that love is impossible?

That it will never actually happen for you?

Is this your story….

  • Do you always fall apart in front of the guy you like?
  • Always get chatted up by the guy you don’t want and never by the guy you like?
  • Freaking out after the first date because you don’t know what to say or do to keep his interest?
  • Are you confident until he is your boyfriend and then you panic & self-sabotage with every guy you have ever been with
  • Always waiting for the right guy to just “show up?”
  • Do you fear if you do actually find him it won’t work out?
  • Looking to meet your ideal partner can sometimes be challenging if you don’t know what to say or do, you feel shy, embarrassed or never enough.
  • Attracting the wrong guy, the boring guy or weird guy has become your norm.
  • These painful situations keep you stuck in your “romantic rut” of no dates, bad boyfriends, annoying ex’s and no way to move forward.

Staying single feels like it will be forever. Waking up in the morning with your dog or yet another one night stand is getting old.

I have the solution for you…

Your Fast Track To Love Starts Here….

This programme is for the woman who is ready to make love a reality in her life instead of a wishing, hoping & praying.

You will want to do this programme if:

  • You are excited and willing to take the necessary steps to make love a reality in your life.
  • It is not more dates you want. You want to meet your hot guy and be done with it.
  • You are in a good place in your life and it just hasn’t happened yet
  • You wish your dating expert gura would just show up, show you what to do and you would go ahead and do whatever it takes
  • Your love life is an absolutely priority right now
  • You are results orientated and you are ready to be in love finally, no excuses
  • You want to work with someone who you know has proven results and will get you there
  • You are ready to be happier, confident, empowered, high-valued woman in love.

Wake Up Every Day Knowing That You Are Loved….

The Experience

This is a fun, exhilarating, fast paced coaching experience. It’s a programme where you must be willing to go all in, put yourself out there, do the work between the dates, show up, dress up and make it happen.

Why the Magnet for love programme because it gets you Results! It gets you long-term love with the right guy for you. It gets you a husband, a partner for life. Stop dreaming and start living!

Results as in….

You will be in a relationship either during our time together or shortly after!

What you get:

  • Your fast track to love VIP DAY where we deep dive into what you need to make love a reality in your life (Don’t worry! If you don’t live in Ireland, we do this over Skype in a 3 hour session)
  • Twice a month, 1-1 coaching with me…. completely tailored and customized for what you need
  • Knowing yourself & clearing module this is where we establish exactly what you are looking for and dig deep into beliefs, fears and patterns that have held you back in the past. Break free & find love.
  • Access to my 8 week training from Hello to Girlfriend only available with Magnet For Love Programme with every subject covered, from what it takes you to get from “Hi” to “I love you!” How men think, getting asked out, first dates, feminine energy, when to text & call, how much interest should I show? & so much more
  • We get you out there dating only quality men!
  • Professional profile written for you, so you can get clear on what you want, hon your skills  & be in action meeting only quality men.
  • Unlimited access via Email & Facebook messenger

What to expect:

  • I will be completely honest when it comes to your actions. I want to see you succeed in this programme which means not only will you be held accountable, I will tell you what needs to change for you to be in love.
  • I will show up for you by being on time to our sessions, having prompt response time to your laser coaching between sessions and giving you in depth feedback.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

“Wow….He asked me to marry him and we are having our baby this coming May, thank you Lorna. I joined Lorna’s Magnet For Love Program in 2014, three years ago and in 3 short months I went from single to boyfriend, I actually can’t believe it. My soon to be husband is kind, loving, and supportive; I am so attracted to him. I have never felt like this before about anyone.  Thank you so much Lorna. I am happier, more self-assured and confidence then I have ever been. This really is a dream come true, I am so excited for the future all I can tell you right now is watch this space. Yeah me!”

-Nicola, Ireland

“Lorna really helped me see what I have to offer in a relationship. Lorna helped me to relax about dating and not take it too seriously which I believe was a big turning point for me. Lorna gave me the knowledge to put my best foot forward with confidence in finding a good relationship. I am very grateful for her professional input that she delivers in a such an encouraging and inspirational way. I’d recommend Lorna to anyone who wants to find love like I did. Thank you Lorna for my wonderful man.

Update…Hey Lorna hope your doing good and feeling well……wanted you to be one of the first to know……..John asked me to marry him today…….😊……..we’re over the moon.

-Eleanor, Ireland

“I met Lorna in November 2014 & again in January 2015, shortly after that I joined Lorna’s Magnet For Love program and everything changed for the better. I got a boyfriend in less than a month. After fighting relationship, after relationship the very idea of meeting my man seemed impossible to me. After many years of trying alone and seeing all my failed attempts. I just wanted to GIVE UP. I meet Lorna and she showed me exactly who I needed to become to have what I want. I challenge her on everything. Now I can see the difference our time together has made in my life. I found MY guy, I really believed this would not happen for me. Now I can see that relationships are so worth it. My guy is kind, generous, and gorgeous and gives me his time; he never leaves it longer than two days before we meet again. He has all the qualities that I wanted and so, so much more”

-Helen, Northern Ireland


“As we began our work, it became clear that for me to bring the right man into my life, I needed to let go of my fear of being alone.  I needed let go of the men that I was hanging on to.  I needed to find true love.  With Lorna’s wisdom, patience and gentle guidance, I have now found something I never thought was possible.  I have found a love that no person can ever take away.  I have found a true love for myself.  A love that is patient and forgiving.  Because of this love, I now treat myself with respect and will only settle for the best in my life.  It is from this love that I have now entered into a relationship with a man like no other man I have ever been with.  A man that sees me in a way that goes much deeper than just physical attraction.  A man who steps up every time and makes every effort to show me (not just tell me) that he is so grateful to have me in his life.  He truly values me.  If it had not been for Lorna showing me that self-love is the key – I would never have allowed this man into my life.  I would never have truly thought I was worthy enough for him and I would have kept dating the men that would “ghost” out of my life. Thank you Lorna for showing me that the most amazing love affair you can ever have is with yourself.  You will always have “you”.  Because of this, I am able to love the man in my life out of confidence.  I now have the freedom to build on this relationship without the anchor of relying on him to make me happy.  For the first time in my live, I understand what true love really looks and feels like”

-Ellen, USA

“Working with Lorna means developing a more objective view on male behaviour and spotting red flags at an early stage which protects you from heartache. At the same time you get the personal encouragement you need and the positive feedback in times where you struggle and lose faith. This will help you to turn yourself into a woman that becomes more self-assured in dating and more emotionally independent from the outcome so you gain control of that part of your life instead of feeling helpless and passive which will make you a happier person. Lorna really cares about helping you on your way and you feel like talking to a friend in the calls. The videos are a great addition and provide information on various topics. I can only recommend her programme as it helped me a lot to realize what I did wrong when dating and what I can and should expect from a man by profiting from her experience. I am currently in a two month relationship with a guy I met during Lorna’s Magnet For Love VIP Program, will keep you posted on where it goes”

-Jutta, UK

I never thought this would happen for me. I joined Lorna Magnet For Love VIP programme, not really expecting much and wow! It really made a difference in my life, today I feel more confident, I can set boundaries with men and I have attracted into my life my ideal guy. We are together 6 months now and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you Lorna, for everything.

Kerry, Ireland

We do not share customers pictures to protect their identity, all these testimonials are genuine and if you are serious looking to find your man. We do offer that you can contact previous clients of the programme who have given their genuine word about their experience with me to see if this programme is the right fit for you. Clients who choose this programme do so after intake conversation to see if we are fit to work together. If this sounds exciting to you, then let’s talk. Click the link below saying “I want in!”

It is your time…

The 90 Day Programme is unique and tailored to you

While the following topics are all things we can cover, this entire program is tailored to you, where you’re at and what you need support around. Before we start our time together, you will receive a comprehensive welcome pack to help define where you are today and where you are going.

Your fast track to love starts here….

  • Define what love looks like to you and know exactly how you are going to get there
  • Discovery who you are at your deepest core, so that you can communicate love with confidence to the man of your dreams
  • Learn how to express yourself as confident, high valued woman, who knows what she wants and where she going

Be Dating your high quality man, while having your coach guide you through EXACTLY what to say or do to win him over & of course keep him!

Have the love, the life, the happiness and the man!

Topics Included:

  • Getting asked out-Know exactly what to do to get the quality men to ask you out, to keep his interest and lead to something more
  • First dates- Leave the date knowing at the end of that date, he will be asking you out again and again
  • What to between the dates-I am going to show you exactly how to keep him, so you can breeze through the dating phase knowing when to call & text and how much interest to show. Have him begging to see you again and again.
  • Understanding masculine & feminine energy-Know how to embrace your feminine energy creating more love, fun & excitement with your man as you get to know him better.
  • Dating online successfully-Speed up the dating phase by mastering how to find, attract and keep the quality guy online, as well as offline.
  • How to attract quality guy and keep him-This about really understanding men, how they think, what men are attracted to & how you can win his heart over for good.
  • Getting the commitment-Know exactly how to get the man you love to commit and say I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • How to get what you want from any guy-If you want a deep meaningful, heartfelt relationship then you need to know how to express your feelings and have him fall more and more in love with you. How to get what you want from any guy shows you exactly how to get your needs, wants and desires met and grow a long lasting bond for life.
  • Confident Me-The best part of our time together is the woman you become on your journey to love that will enhance every area of your life. One of the biggest feedback I get from women I work with is how they feel about themselves after our time together. Be a happier, confident you. Living the life you love with the man you love.

Start Today….

Investment $3,000 paid in full or 3 payments of $1,100

*Bonus When you say yes on the phone and start the program immediately you have the option of a 3 hour intensive OR 2 90-minute intensives.

Your fast track to finding love starts here…

To get started click the link below to book your discovery call. Private coaching is done through application only.

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