7 Signs The Guy You Are With Is Just Looking For Sex

If you ever wanted to know if a guy is just looking for sex here are the BIG CLUES…..

1. His words

If you ever hear a guy I say ‘I am only looking for fun, I don’t want anything serious, I am getting over my ex, I am just out of a marriage’ and he is still acting like your boyfriend, he stays at your house, he might cook you something nice he might bring you great places but he is not giving you what you need, he is not giving you the commitment, he not acting or thinking long term. Men are simple, if he says ‘I am looking for fun and I am not looking for a relationship’ ,take that as true.

2. He has not committed

Men who are into you and are generally relationship ready will commit in the first three months. If you are going out with somebody right now and it is eight months, two years, three years or longer than that and the relationship has not moved forward you need to find out what is going on in his head.

That is easy to do. You always ask the question you are scared to ask, offer a safe place, let him reveal what he wants from the relationship it is up to you what you do with the information.

3. Lack of consistency

If you ever see a guy and you have met with him on couple of dates and he calls  when he feels like it, he wants to meet and then he cancels and his efforts with you are a little wishy-washy. He is giving you excuses like ‘I am too busy, this happened to me in the past, I can’t deal with all of this you are really perfect woman but….’ Anything like that and he is not going to give you what you need, cut him loose.

4. Last minute calls

Say he says ‘Tonight are you free at 7pm and he calls you at 6pm or 6.30pm to ask, says meet me in the bar or whatever’ it is not good enough, half an hour later you show up. Every time he wants to see you it’s whenever it suits him, it is inconsistent and it is always last minute. This is not a guy who wants to be in a long term relationship with you, it is a guy who is not ready. You are just filling the void till something better comes along. This is a guy just looking for sex, not emotional intimacy, a guy who can’t give you what you need or want. Don’t be his last minute girlfriend.

5. He wants you to stay at home

Have you ever had a relationship were you were always on the sofa or in the bedroom either his house or yours and it does not go any further than that. You never meet his friends, you never meet his family, he never talks about the future. Watch out for that, if your relationship never leaves the bedroom or that place you always meet him. It is not going anywhere.

5. Your relationship is a secret

Your relationship is a secret? This is an absolute no. Someone who is proud of you, wants to be with you doesn’t feel the need to make your relationship with him a secret….another clue that he is looking for sex and not a relationship. Don’t put up with your relationship being a secret that is a sure sign it is going nowhere.

6. You’re chasing or making the relationship work more than he does

You are chasing or making the relationship work more than he is, so you are phoning him, you are planning the date, you’re driving to this house, you are taking care of him, and you are paying for stuff. These are not the actions of a guy who is looking for a long term relationship. Perhaps he wants to sleep with you, or be with you till something better comes along.

When we know these things we can behave differently and we can figure out quickly whether somebody is in the right place to give us what we need or they are not. There are four reasons why men are not in the right place to be in a relationship, they are looking for sex, they are looking for a short term thing. Number one he is not in the right place in his life, he is focusing on this career. Number two he is young, he got with his partner really early on, just out of a marriage, he never got the chance to just sleep around and sow his seeds, just be a  guy. Third reason he dates from hurt, guys the same as women fear rejection, fear getting hurt, have things that happen to them in their childhood, fear of getting rejected by the good looking girl,  don’t know what to do when it comes to women. A guy who dates from hurt is usually the wrong guy he messes you around, plays with your head and so on because he is just not in the right place in his life, that’s it. Fourth reason you can be the girl, before THE girl, the girl actually wants. You like him you are emotionally involved with him, you are giving him sex, you are giving him everything he needs and you never asked for him to step up. There is no initiative for him to want to make his relationship with you more, he is already getting what he needs without doing it.

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