7 Sentences Men Say When They Are Not Ready To Commit.

Please don’t spend endless months wishing, hoping for things to be different. Save yourself another heartache by knowing the words men use when they are not ready for a loving, committed relationship with you.

A man’s words can be a big indicator of what he truly is looking for in a relationship, and if you want to give your time to the right guy you need to know how tell the difference.

Watch out for these words…

I am not looking for anything serious

Men typically say this when they are not interested in having a long-term relationship and no matter what you wish, hope or blame yourself for. The reason why he has not committed to you usually has little to do with something you have said or done. He is not looking for anything serious. In most cases this is because of his own ‘stuff’ or because it is just not the right time in his life.

I’m just looking for fun

This is the guy who just wants to have sex. A typical behaviour of this guy is to give the woman his number and ask her to call him. He does this because he wants you to do the chasing, arranging the date, so he can put the onus on you and avoid commitment at all costs.

I want to take it slow

Another classic, less aggressive form of I am not ready to commit to you is “let’s take it slow”. He gives you just enough to make you stick around. Might act like your boyfriend for the most part, but when you push for more he never really fully clarifies the status of your relationship.

I am getting over my ex

This guy could be a good person, he might like you a lot he has the qualities of a great guy but he is genuinely getting over his ex and no matter how much you wish for things to be different he is not mentally, physically or emotionally ready for what you want. You will know this because he has said the words over and over again and when pushed to commit he backs off, becomes a sex buddy or disappears.

I am just out of a divorce

He could stay here for a long time. It’s important here to notice if he has truly healed from the past or if he is still living there. If a guy tells you he just out of a divorce and he is inconsistent, he’s not stepping up, things are messy with the ex. Ask yourself is that what you really want?

Kids come first

Some men hide behind their kids. I have a kid, my partner when I met him had a kid and we are all important but when a guy puts you tenth on the list behind all the kids it can’t help but make you feel undervalued, underappreciated and unimportant, not special and always second on the priority list. If he is not available for you, don’t let the kid thing make you stick around for something that was never going to be anything more.

I am focusing on my career

Great, nothing lonelier than a man who is never there when you really need him. You can be lonelier in a relationship than being without. Don’t let a man’s career be the reason you sacrifice your whole life for him.

I am too busy

When someone says they are too busy, what they really are saying is you are not important in my life. Lots of people are busy but if you are important in their world they will make the space and time for you in their life. Don’t wait for someone who’s never really there.

Save yourself another heartache by noticing his words, is he talking like a man who is too busy, not looking for anything serious, wanting fun or man who is saying I am ready to commit to you?

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