What Do You Repeatedly Do That Holds You Back?

I am here in the USA for 5 weeks and I noticed that I have just repeated a pattern I always do. I have been living forever out of other peoples homes instead of creating my own. This comes from a deep seated fear.

I want you to relate to this in your own life, is there something you do over and over again that keeps you away from the very thing you say you want?

Are you one of those people who over give in your relationship and wonder why you don’t get the respect you deserve or you are exhausted from doing everything? Maybe try setting some boundaries. If a guy asked you out an hour before he wants to meet you instead of dropping everything at the last minute and heading out the door. Take your power back by saying sorry, I can’t meet you tonight. I do really enjoy your company but if you give me a couple of days notice I am sure we can find a time that would suit us both. A good person will adjust to your request and the guy who doesn’t you would not want in your life anyway.

If you are a person who always likes to spend your time alone or you are too busy and wonder why you have no one in your life. You must realize that things need to change because other people can see this as disinterest or that they are unimportant in your life. This makes the other person feel bad and that maybe you don’t want them in your life so after time they stop trying. Sitting alone and dreaming about having that special someone in your life is not going to happen unless you get out there and meet others.

For me traveling was my safety net it meant to me I  could avoid my biggest fear, fear of being trapped in a relationship I did not want to be in or fear of something being final or steady.

I share this video with you so that you can join me on my journey by saying STOP to the old habits that do not serve you and break free from what holds you back from the very thing you say you want.

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