Men love to feel good, people love to feel good. Healthy people choose friends in their life that make them feel good about themselves. You have fun in their company, they build you up when you are feeling down and overall your experience with your good friend is pleasurable. Dating men is no different.

If you want to show men you are interested in them focus on making them feels good. You do this by enjoying yourself as a person and knowing what you have to offer to others. Think about it. Why do you friends enjoy your company? What do you bring to your relationship with them? Do you make your friends feel good? If so, how do you do this? The only difference between your boyfriend and your friends is that he is a man that you are interested in. So what? Just think of him as just another person you are getting to know and get out of your head. It not about you, it is about how someone feels when they are in your company. Whether it is your father, mother, co-worker or potential boyfriend the process is the same.
So, how do you make someone feel good in your company?

1. Open Up And Be Approachable

Men fear rejection, men fear beautiful women, men fear getting hurt, men fear getting trapped with a psycho chick. Women who are unattractive are women who make men feel bad about themselves in their company. The attractive girl who says “No”, the girl who rejects his attempt to get to know her, the girl who puts him down in front of her friends will make him feel hurt. It is not fun to be with someone who makes you feel bad.

So, choose to be fun, light and approachable. Choose to be easy going and a delight for someone to get to know. Choose to enjoy the company of others and find something likeable about them. Choose to make others feel good in your company. Choose to allow him to have such a good time that he would actually be foolish to let you go. Your focus should be on showing up as your best self. He will be curious to get to know such a sexy and alluring woman. A woman who enjoys herself and enjoys life is very attractive.

2. Go After What You Want

What fills our heart with joy is living our life fully as we truly desire, especially when it comes to love. When we choose to settle, we are resentful. When we choose to hold back on what we want we keep the great guy at a distance because we won’t act on our desires out of fear. So that leaves only one other option, the wrong guy. It never works with the wrong guy, so why not go after what you want. This does not mean chase him, it means be open and approachable to a guy you are interested in after all it just might work out.

3. Know What Is Attractive About You

You can’t sell a product you don’t believe in and you sure as hell can’t convince the guy that is sitting opposite you that you are worth taking a chance on if you don’t believe it. You won’t believe his compliments; instead you prefer to believe there is something wrong with him, if he is nice to you. You believe the relationship is too good to be true. So you break it off with him before he gets there first. That is what happens when you don’t know what is attractive about you.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the five things that are most attractive about you, repeat them every morning, noon and night till you believe it. Now, watch your love life soar.

4. Dismiss Your Fears

The only reason why you would not show a man you’re interested in that you are not interested in him is out of fear. Fear of being rejected, fear of not being enough or fear of actually being happy. How is this plan working out for you? I take it not very well. The only way to overcome fear is face it and let it go.

Write your fears out and ask yourself how true are my beliefs, what is the worst that can happen and laugh at your silly stories. It is in your head, your belief and your life. You can choose to hold on to your fears or choose to let them go. If the fear is keeping the good men away, well then maybe it is time to face them and go after what you want.

5. Let Go Of The Wrong Guy

The quickest way to find the right guy is to let go of the wrong guy. The wrong guy is any guy that you spend ages talking to your friends about justifying his behavior and trying to understand what he saying is a waste of time. Just get rid. Every moment you spend mentally on the wrong guy is keeping the guy you are interested in far away.

Beware of what you are projecting to the world as this is keeping the guy you are interested in far away. Stay open, go after what you want, let go of your fears and focus on making that man feel good and notice if this behavior gets you the guy you want.

What happens when you are interested in a guy and you pretend your not. Read this article and see what you can do about it. What happens when I interested in a guy and pretend I am not?

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