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Join me in the Find Him Keep Him Members Club where I show you how to find, attract & keep your dream man once and for all.

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It time you changed your relationship status for good & I am going to show you exactly how.

Are you sick of watching all your friends pair up and feeling like a third wheel?

Wondering if it’s ever going to happen for you?

If you’ve had enough of getting into a cold bed, no-one to go home to after a night out and you just want someone to cuddle on the sofa with, you are going to love this club.

In the club I am going to show you how to find and keep your own gorgeous hottie.

Not the crappy guy who doesn’t call you, doesn’t know what he wants but the guy you are excited about, hot for, want to marry, live happy ever after with and plan your family with. That kind of guy!

I want you to take a leap for you where I will show you how to find the love you want.

Once and for all you are going to meet a guy you’re really attracted to, is amazing balls and keep him!

No more sitting at home alone wondering “Am I going to spend yet another year single?” hoping and wishing that the stars will line up in your favor.

No, you are here because you want something different, you want to see, feel,  touch and get your hands on your man.

You want his arms wrapped around you every night in your bed.

You want him to love you, kiss you and hold you.

You want a man who is as in love with you, as you are with him.

The one that lights you up inside.

Well here is your opportunity.


Get Started for $47 per month

What would it mean if in just a few short months you met him?

And you were planning the rest of you life together?

How much longer are you willing to wait? To get this feeling?

You know love doesn’t just happen, right? It happens when you take a risk and go after what you really want.

And now is your time.

The Find Him, Keep Him Club is a fabulous resource that will show you how to find and keep your gorgeous new man!

When you join the club, you’ll

  • Discover your true flirty style and how to make it work for you
  • Learn how to date successfully
  • How to ask a man for a commitment without losing your personal inner strength
  • How to follow up between dates and stay confident
  • What if everything you needed to be successful with love was all in one area, in one resource.

Do you…

  •  Struggle with conversations?
  • Fall apart in front of men you like?
  • Know how to tell a guy you like him?
  • How to flirt with confidence? Get a guy you fancy to chase you?

How amazing would it be to have this resource to hand?

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do and say to get the man you want. Not just any man but the right man.

The man you’re excited about and the man who treats you the way you deserve!

The man you want to meet and keep!

This club will not only show you how to find him BUT keep him too… that is priceless!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It….Here’s What I Have Helped Others Do….

Yeah life is good these days, feeling very happy and content we actually met on tinder! Despite its somewhat negative reputation I met a number of really nice guys on it so I encourage people to use it, it’s just another medium to meet people. You can get a good sense of someone from a bit of chatting. Thanks for all your help in the find him keep him club, you gave great advice, the number one for me being to look after me first as you only meet someone when you’re in a good place”

-Claire, Ire

“I had been looking for the one after my divorce for nearly 5 years when I came across Lorna’s meet-up group about relationships. I kept thinking that there was something wrong with who I was as everyone around me was either in a successful relationship or seemed to be getting on with their lives and finding what they were looking for. Lorna’s helped me realize that it was how I was approaching things that were creating the results I was having. In the time I have been in the find him keep him club though my fortunes have begun to turn and I was recently in contact with a quality guy but unfortunately still not the one for me. Unfortunately for now work and study commitments are preventing me from continuing to work with Lorna for now but i will be back to finish the work as soon as I can as I know then I will be successful. I would commend anyone to seek out Lorna’s coaching as I believe in the work she has done and will do in the future with me”

-Wendy, Scotland

Get started for $47 per month

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in The Find Him Keep Him Club

  • “Hot Topics” Include – How to attract a quality guy, how to flirt and get the guy, how to ask a guy for commitment, how to navigate the dating scene, hidden red flags, understanding how men think, where to meet men, why men cheat and much, much more………
  • ‘Dating Secrets Revealed Weekly Dating Tips –provides you with juicy tips and tricks that you can implement instantly so nothing will ever stop you from having what you want.
  • 24/7 SOS Support – is a private group, a safe haven with 24 hour access to me and other like minded women who are in the same place as you are. So you have ad-lib support along the way.
  • All PDF’s & Audios Are Yours To Keep – so you can hear the same information over and over again. This is really powerful when it comes to implementing lasting change. Listen on any device where ever you go, so you can really absorb the information.

If you are not sure this is right for you…

No worries…you can cancel anytime

Get Started for $47 per month

Another popular option is FHKHC with Private Coaching. This can be obtained for only $447 per month, 3 month minimum commitment. Ask me for more details! Email me…

I cannot wait to hear your love story!

No more hoping, wishing and praying, it is your time to meet the man of your dreams, the man who meets your needs, wants and desires.

Let’s get started!

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