Do You Ever Feel Like You Fucked It Up?

Have you ever felt like you messed up your whole life and only if you did things differently that your life would be different or better. That guy you always wanted would have never left you? Do you believe everything that went wrong with your relationship is your fault?

1. Well you haven’t

You have not messed it up because the right guy just doesn’t break up with you. The relationship was not giving you what you needed or him this is why it broke and this is where your over thinking mind must STOP. No why? what? and what if’s? you must understand that he is not as god like as you once thought he was and that the bad feelings you are now experience will disappear.  Every second you spend mentally, physically, emotional on the what if’s and I lost the one keeps the guy that is right for you further and further  away.

2. Learn the lesson

Life is a game and every negative experience is an opportunity.What you have been doing in the past did not work, so why not see this experience as an opportunity. Happy positive people who have become skilled at creating positive experience in their lives know that when they feel negative it is a warning bell, they don’t ignore it. They ask why?  The only way to look at life is think differently, what did I do well? What went wrong? And what will I do differently next time? So remember life is a lesson not a catastrophe disaster.

3. Nothing is gained from looking backwards

Yea he was cute, maybe funny but I have yet to meet someone who said settling down, giving up and going back is a good idea. It can take a great defeat to get over someone but once you take the leap you never go back to the old ways, it is more like What did I see in him, What was I thinking…cringe, I suggest you do the same! It is after all the best cure.

The hot chick who understood she did not mess it up, moved on and took a risk, got the guy and now it’s your turn.

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