Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have been dating a guy for a couple of weeks maybe even months but you are still not sure what your relationship is. You are looking for more, you are fearful to bring up the conversation in case you lose him. How can you tell if the guy you are with is in it for the long-term or not?

Yes there are guys who will act like your boyfriend but have no intention of being one

Yes there will be guys out there who will give you all the signs of acting like a boyfriend but will have no intention of committing or making you his long-term girlfriend a reality and here is how to spot him…

Remember one of the quickest ways to find love is let go of the wrong guy fast.

What happens between the dates is very important

If you want to know if a guy is really into you the biggest clue is in his actions and his words. Yes, the right guy will always be consistent between the dates. You can go on amazing date with a guy, he treats you really well, it can feel amazing but if he is not stepping up between the dates then must access what his intentions are with you. One of the biggest clues is efforts between the dates. So watch out for this one.

Is he constantly stepping up?

The right guy doesn’t want to screw it up with you, so he will want to impress you. He will want you to like him, this guy will go the extra mile to make sure you know he is into you. You don’t always know the outcome but you do know it is heading in the right direction.

A guy who stepping up, asks to see you at the end of date, he doesn’t leave you guessing what are we are, he is attentive, he as a genuine interest in your life. He makes you feel special.

You have a feeling of inner confidence this is going to work out this time.

You meet his family and not his bedroom

The long-term guy wants you to meet his family, his friends. He wants to get to know the real you better.

He awkward  when friends ask what you are?

You might have met several of his friend when they give a smile or ask about you he shrug’s his shoulder instead of saying hey James, meet Laura she is my girlfriend. Instead he laughs of the joke that you two are an item.

Is he avoiding the conversation?

One of the biggest clues to a guy’s intention with you is if has asked you to be his girlfriend or not. If he has not then you need to ask for what you want or clarify the situation before you sleep with him. Check out When Should I Sleep With Him to clarify how to do this. You must establish what you are. And this tricky question will always appear when it comes to that part of the dating phase where you have met each other a couple of times now. You know you like him; he knows he wants to sleep with you. And he says something along the lines of “I would love if you could stay over, you can stay in the spare room if you like”.

Breaking point…do you sleep with him or do you not? The answer to this question will be the real clue to his intention with you, don’t avoid. Clarify. Remember wrong guy disappears, right guy steps up.

Is he always suggesting staying over?

See the guy who acts like your boyfriend but is always asking for sex. This is another big clue. How many times must you say No for him to get the hint. The wrong guy will be asking the right guy will respect your wishes.

His intention to sleep with you shows up in many forms oh, I book a hotel room would you like to stay, you can get ready here. Come to my friend of a friend’s wedding and we can stay the night in hotel. There is this concert I want to go to you can stay over if you like.

You said no and he keeps asking

What you must do about it

If you have got to a place in your relationship where you don’t know where you are going. It has not been established and you are wrecking your head or getting mad with him because he has not said it. Then you must ask the question you are scared to ask. You must be willing to risk it in order to win it.

I can assure he know exactly what he wanted when he got together with you. You only hurt yourself by not asking and sitting in hope. The right guy will hear you, listen to your fears and reassure you, you have nothing to worry about. The wrong guy will avoid, disappear or show his true colors.

Stay true to your dream I want a loving relationship with a great guy who I am attracted to and gets me. That will get you closer to love then hoping for a guy who had no intention in the first place to be something he is not.

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