One thing which can be really confusing when you meet a guy you’re interested in is how and when to contact him. Should I be texting him after the date? When do I call him? If I call him will I look needy and desperate? I think we’ve all asked ourselves these questions at least once. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you find yourself saying “Am I calling or texting too much?”

 I always say if you have to ask this question, the answer is “Yes, you’re texting too much.”, because you will see, when you meet the right guy you will find that you don’t feel the need to ask this question

When a guy likes you

 Men are either playing or they are into you. When you don’t rush the dating phase….sleeping with him on the first night, getting too heavy too soon, you’ll notice the right guy will make the effort.

Everyone does what they want to do. You can’t force or ‘play’ someone into being into you. When you’re with the right guy, you’ll find that he reaches out to you.

 You need to show interest

 Women who are comfortable with who they are, confident, and who value themselves are at ease with expressing an interest in the guy they like. So when he texts or calls, be open to it. Answer warmly, and let him know you’re interested.

A good rule of thumb…

Let him know you like him, but allow him to step up. Give him the space to work out how he really feels about you. If he doesn’t step up, understand his actions are the answer, because men show their love in action more than words. The player uses words.

What not to do

If he’s over-charming, too distant, pushy, if he only texts you at 2am then he’s not stepping up, or making any effort. This should be a turn off for you.

No chasing

Chasing comes from masculine energy. Men are not attracted to go-getters. You will not be satisfied with the guy who doesn’t think of you and send you that text, or call you. 

What happens between the dates is your clue

A man can be lovely and charming on a date, telling you exactly what he thinks you want to hear, but the biggest clue if he’s into you or not is efforts to maintain and build the relationship between the dates.

If you see he’s making the effort between the dates, then do’t worry, you’re not texting and calling too much….he’s into you too!

Lorna is a dating coach who helps smart, savvy, successful women who are single find love. Get your Free 15 Fun & Flirty Conversation Starters To Get The Hot Guy To Notice You here.


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