Did you know I met my boyfriend online? My ability to attract a great guy online did not happen by accident…. I was well prepared. I wouldn’t describe myself as the greatest flirt, the most confident girl or the best looking girl either and I found love. That’s why I know you can too.

Personally, I feel dating in real life is far harder than meeting a guy online. To meet a guy online all you have to do is put yourself out there and master a few skills to attract high quality men who are looking for long-term love like you.

Here are 7 tips that worked for me…

1. You must get clear about what you want

Most people don’t take the time to get clear about what they want. Getting clear is all about knowing what love looks and feels like to you. How do you want to be treated? What characteristics do you desire in another person? Who would be your compliment? What is important to you? You cannot create what you want if you don’t know what it looks like. So don’t skip this step, get clear about what love looks like to you.

2. Why would I date you?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What do you offer a relationship? Most people approach dating with thier wants list. Our profile is all about what we want, instead of what we can bring to the relationship.

It is really important to know yourself and to know what is attractive about you. You cannot sell a product you don’t believe in, so believe in yourself, like yourself and show this in your profile. Show this on your date.

And before you start criticizing yourself, everyone has something to offer. It is time you owned it.

3. You date online the same as in real life

Let me explain this fully, you see when you date correctly in real life you chat to a guy at a bar, event or wherever you meet him. He asks for your number, you say yes, he plans the date, you say yes. He reaches out to you after the date, saying he had a great time and he would like to see you again. You say yes, while showing interest and letting him know his efforts are appreciated and so on till you both confirm your boyfriend and girlfriend.

The mistake most women make is they get an email saying  “Are you free to meet for a coffee tomorrow?” You say yes because you think it is online and I don’t want to waste my time, it probably won’t go anywhere anyway.

You have cut short the natural flow of creating the very sequences that allow a man to fall in love with you. Slow it down and date online the same as in real life. Let him pursue you, let him make the effort for you, let him know you are interested and let the relationship evolve organically online, similarly to how it would if  you met him in real life.

4. Get your profile professionally written

Getting my profile professionally written, changed my whole life! My profile helped me in so many ways. First of all my profile attracted high quality, available dates. It helped me get crystal clear on what I wanted.  This very exercise as also help my clients meet the man of their dreams in a short period who are now engaged, married and starting their family.

It is the secret sauce to my 90 Day VIP Program, you can find out more details here…http://lornapoole.com/magnet-for-love/

5. Understanding it is just the medium

If you attracted men who cheat offline you will attract men who cheat online. If you can’t find a guy attractive offline, you won’t find a guy attractive online because your reason for not being able to find love in the past is still deep in your system. Until you look within and address what is holding you back in the past, you will continue to get the same results.

I met a lady once on a bus leaving Dublin, she asked me what my work was. I told her I was giving a workshop in Dublin on how to date successfully online. She said “I hate dating online! I always attract the wrong men”  She said they all lie, cheat and can’t be trusted. I then asked her about her life before she dated online. She said “Oh, I was married twice but they ended because both my husbands cheated on me”

So, please don’t blame match.com or plentyoffish.com they are just providing you with a medium. We attract who we are, and if you want a high quality available man who looking for long-term love then start with looking within. Like attracts like and quality attracts quality, so remember you be quality!

6. It takes effort

Succeeding online takes effort, it takes honing your skills and always putting yourself out there. If you put yourself out there without getting better at emailing, having a fantastic profile that attracts the right kind of guy,  honing your first date skills, educating yourself on what to do between the dates, you are just going to make the same mistakes over and over again.

And here is the good news……… everything is learnable, just hone your skills and be consistent. Consistency creates opportunities to meet men, skills help you get a better man. Always upgrade how you do what you do and love will be yours.

7. One last thing…. lose the stinky thinking

“All men are only after one thing, men can’t be trusted online, there are not good men in the world, it will never happen for me”. Nothing will keep you stuck longer than your own attitude and thinking.

If you want a boyfriend online start believing it is possible for you and start cleaning up your attitude when it comes to love. Yes there are good men out there and yes he is waiting to meet you.

And ask yourself this question every day and write out your answers? Who must I become to have what I want? And watch your love life transform!

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