Are you attracting toxic men? Do you know how to spot them? Do you know how to tell if someone’s behavior is healthy or unhealthy? Leila Khan shares with you how to spot toxic behavior in others so you can avoid men that are toxic and stop getting hurt.

This is Leila second podcast make sure you check out Leila previous episode on Valuing and Respecting Yourself so that you can find real love. Go here to listen: Valuing and Respecting Yourself as a Woman

About Leila Khan

Leila Khan is an international author, public speaker, and creator of the Trailblazer mentorship for individuals invested in a personal development who wants to reach the max level in a personal and business life. She teaches self-mastery within yourself so that you can experience the deep inner potential for a happy, meaningful, and satisfying life. She passionately engages motivation, inspiration trailblazers to lead lives to fulfill their core desire using an incredible power of their minds and intuition.

Show highlights

  • Leila shares how to stop the cycle of attracting toxic men.
  • What is toxic love? Know the difference between real love and being objectified.
  • Discover how to identify what healthy behaviors look like.
  • Leila shares her personal stories of past relationships and toxic men.
  • Find out what inner work you can do to change your outer circumstances.
  • Understand the “mirror” method to help your relationship flourish.

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