Do you keep getting dumped? Are you struggling to find viable dating options, let alone the man of your dreams? Are you a dating disaster? Do you keep attracting the same type of relationship? Stephanie Churma dives into NLP and discusses how your dating patterns could be holding you back from finding the love you desire.

About Stephanie Churma

Stephanie Churma is a Relationship Coach and owner of The Good Love Company where she mixes the neuroscience of behaviour and patterns with spirituality and energetic vibration. Former dating daster, she is now a mother, a fiancé and spends her time writing, speaking and teaching how to attract REAL romantic love.

Show Highlights

  • I was a dating disaster, who had been through hell and back.
  • I was confused and tired of living through dating hell.
  • I had to ask myself hard questions and answer them honestly in order to make a change.
  • Something has to click on the inside for you to make the change.
  • Find the root cause that keeps you locked in the same pattern.
  • Let go of being a victim.
  • Shift your mentality.
  • I manifested my partner after I had a breakdown; I came to a self-realization by shifting my mindset and healing.
  • I had to get into the energetic space to be ready to receive love.

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