About Titus S. McMillan

Titus S. McMillan, PhD, is an author, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Transformational Life Coach and Alternative Medical Practitioner. He has been trained and developed through the process of 40 years of solid research at the Gottman Institute, infused with not only a psychological premise, but also 23 years of theological study, and a vast catalog of musical influences. In addition, he holds several certifications to include Holistic Alternative Psychology Master, Restoration Coach, Gottman Method Couples Therapy & 7 Principles of Marriage Leader and Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts facilitator. He is passionate about bringing restoration and wholeness into relationships, and suggests that past trauma might be holding you back in your current life. Dive into valuing yourself and letting go of past trauma.

Show Highlights

  • I was bleeding on the outside as well as on the inside
  • I educated myself to stop the pain I was suffering in my own life
  • Something has to click on the inside for you to make the change
  • Knowing you are worth more
  • Finding the root cause
  • Seeing yourself in others
  • Be honest, transparent and vulnerable
  • Letting go of being a victim
  • You have to be willing to own your rights to freedom
  • The cost of living everybody else’s life but not your own

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