Would you like to know how to get noticed by high-quality men? Are you lost when it comes to finding the man of your dreams?

Ken Bechtel shares with you the secrets to meeting your high-quality man.

About Ken Bechtel

For over 20 years Ken Bechtel has shared his insights and amusement as a relationship mentor, speaker, and educator to help women get their needs met and be loved for all their unique beauty.  As the creator of the Finding Success in Love program, he brings you the real story from a man’s perspective of what it takes to be adored by a great guy.

Ken is also the creator and host of the wildly popular Speaking of Partnership podcast that is heard in over 100 countries around the world.  Ken interviews the world’s leading relationship experts so you can learn from their personal stories of partnership failure and success.

Show Highlights

  • Ken reveals the 3 qualities men desire in their ideal woman.
  • Nothing is more vulnerable than being completely seen.
  • Ken gives you the answer to, “Where do I find high-quality men?”
  • We make finding love hard by trying to manage how lovable we are.
  • Ken explains why the things you hide are typically the things that make you most lovable.
  • Your job is not be liked by everyone but loved by a few.
  • Pay attention to your feelings- most people are out there trying to meet someone from their brain.

Ken’s Gift For You

Free online training: Six Myth-Busting Shifts to go from, “Lonely and Frustrated”, to, “True Lasting Partnership!” You can register here.

Connect with Ken

Website:  https://www.kenbechtel.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KenWBechtel/

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