Have you lost your sex drive? Does this mean that you are not attracted to him anymore? Or has it got to do with your diet, body and hormones? With me, today on Magnet for Love Podcast is Diane Kazer and she here to tell you how to get the sizzle back in your love life.

About Diane Kazer

Diane Kazer is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specializing in hormone balance and detoxification. She has taken her passion for helping others to the global level by creating numerous programs, including The Warrior Cleanse, which has transformed thousands of bodies around the world. Diane incorporates her “food and herbs as medicine” approach into a lifestyle and mindset.

Show Highlights

  • Hormone balance & detoxification
  • Habits take time
  • Power of words
  • How to get your dream body
  • Understand your hormones and how they affect your sex life

Connect with Diane

Website: https://dianekazer.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dianekazer

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