Do you struggle as a woman to communicate your value on dates and then wonder why you always end up with the wrong guy? Communicating your value while dating is the key to attracting, keeping and finding a great guy to build your life with.

About Lisa Velazquez

Lisa Velázquez is the Founder of Lisa Talks Love and CEO of Wonder Womyn, Love Coach, Speaker, and Ladypreneur. Lisa helps powerful single women reconnect with their value and get ready to create the love they deserve.

Lisa is often admired for her straight talk about love. She has an intuitive gift for getting to the heart of the matter of what’s stopping women from meeting the man of their dreams. She helps women to create the emotional freedom to live well, date wise, and love feeling sexy about who they are.

Lisa attended Teachers College, Columbia University for a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She is a Certified, Sex Therapist, Sex Educator and Certified Facilitator.

Whether you want to reignite your powerful sexy self, start over or get over an ex and attract the love of your life. Lisa will help you transform your love life from struggle to in love.

Show Highlights

  • How do you treat the people in your lives? Do you give this to yourself?
  • When you are owning your self-value, you show up differently on your dates
  • The hardest way to value yourself is not knowing who you are
  • Own your value by honouring what you want
  • Settling for what you don’t want is never going to get you what you do want
  • Women are big on investment
  • If you keep breaking your own agreements how is anyone else going to honour them

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