Do you believe you are not skinny enough or pretty enough to find a man? Maybe what you believe is the problem is not the reason why you continue to struggle with love. Check out what Tansy has to share with you about how your confidence has more got to do with your ability to attract a man than anything else.

About Tansy Rodgers

Tansy Rodgers is the owner of beU Complete – she is your complete health coaching. She is dedicated to helping people transform lives. Tansy helps you to recenter and create an upgraded version of yourself!

Show Highlights

  • Being beautiful is about being more than just skinny
  • Our perception of ourselves is so much more powerful than our appearances
  • We draw in people who match our own energy
  • Learn to compliment yourself, here is why?
  • The power of letting go
  • We care way too much about what other people think
  • Changing your mindset and self-talk

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