Stuck in a repetitive pattern of always attracting the wrong man or never finding love? Maybe the reason why you are so stuck has to do with your ancestors? Patterns, beliefs, and behaviours can repeat from generation to generation. Tricia shares with you why it is important to study the past to find the clues. Tricia also shares with you a great tool you can use to heal and move on.

About Tricia Mitchell

Tricia Mitchell is a modern-day mystic, who helps spiritually-minded clients pinpoint the cause of problems in life and business by quickly identifying energy disturbances and unhelpful beliefs.

Show Highlights

  • Patterns are inherited and go back generations
  • Tricia tells her story of the strong black women in her family struggling with love
  • Tricia’s healing EFT that you can follow
  • When you recognize your self-worth, you stop giving discounts
  • The purpose of some relationships is to move us forward
  • I was attracting men who were reflecting back to me I didn’t love myself enough

Gift for You

Grab Tricia cheat sheet of suggested themes to work on to improve your ability to attract your ideal mate, including a joyful meditation to lift your vibe. Go here to get yours….Free Cheat Sheet & Joyful Meditation

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