If you are serious about changing your life and creating opportunities to attract the right guy then this is for you. Today I am going to share with you exactly how to give up attracting the wrong guy for good so that meeting the man of your dreams is no longer a wish but your reality.

He needs to become repulsive to you

I changed my life and my clients change their life when the whole idea of attracting another man who won’t commit, is emotionally unavailable or whatever you keep attracting is, fill in the gap becomes repulsive to you. You must get to a point in your head that being with one more guy who doesn’t give you the respect you deserve is no longer an option. You have to reach a point where you have had enough. Then you will change your circumstances.

Give up what is not working

Most people before they get a positive result in their life have to come to a place in their life where they no longer want to continue a habit, a thought, a behaviour that they know in their hearts of hearts has not got them to where they want to be. It is time to give up your old disempowering beliefs, habits, feelings or behaviours that have contributed to what you want.

Do or Die

Once you have made the choice you don’t want be with another guy who treats you like the last one or twenty did a shift starts to happen. This shift will set you on the journey to figuring it all out. How am I going to do this? What needs to happen? What can I do differently? What do people who have successful relationships do differently than me?

Then change will happen because you will do what is necessary to over-ride old patterns, old beliefs, old habits, old feelings and old behaviours that did not serve you in times past.

Dream big

Dream big, make an agreement with yourself that you would either prefer to be happily single enjoying your life or you want the real deal. You want the love, the commitment, the attraction, the connection, the intimacy, the fun and so forth.

Believe it is possible for you

Until you believe it is possible for you, it won’t happen. See your dream as exercising a new muscle the more you exercise the muscle the clearer the picture becomes, the more you believe it is possible for you and believe it. Once you make this shift the evidence will show up and you will find yourself in relationships with men you always dreamt of.

Get Clear

As you start dating again, use your new dates as a way of getting clear about what you want. Pick the things you love about one man and pick the things you love about the next man, as well as what you don’t want. The clearer you get the more possible it is.

Stay true to the dream

No matter what happens on your journey to love, stay true to your dream. The universe will send you the same test over and over again till you reject this is why it is so important you agree with yourself that every dating the wrong guy again is never an option it is the only way you will do what is necessary to break the cycle.

Everything is mindset

And remember everything in life is mindset, once you change your mind and truly focus on your dream. The answers, the help, the teacher and the man will show up in your life.

And that is how you forever let go of the wrong guy.

Fall In Love With The Right Guy

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