You might not even notice you do this. You might think you don’t do this but believe me, you hear and see it all the time. Just walk into any coffee shop or go for walk and overhear a conversation between two friends about what that guy did to her and how bad he was.

When you repeat these words over and over again, you keep the good guys away. The attractive guys, the fun guys, the guys who are looking for long-term love with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware there are bad men out there who men can really hurt you, but there are also many, many good men out there looking for love, connection and intimacy like you.

When you complain about men, your child hears it, when you act angrily towards men your son is watching you. Your brother is mad over your hurt, and the guy who loves you and wants to make you happy, you can’t even see him because you are so busy showing the one who hurt you how he is so wrong.

Here is why hating men just does not work

Hate comes from fear, hurt & pain

Hate for anything comes from pain. It comes from a negative experience but it doesn’t get you what you want. A loving relationship with a great guy. It gives you more of the same thing. More pain, more hurt and more men who won’t commit, who do you wrong and make you feel bad.

When we let go of the hate…..

When we let go of the hate, we can open our hearts to love again. We can see that there are good men out there, masculine, attractive men, someone who loves you for who you really are.

You will lead with protecting your heart

He says he loves you and you question him. He gives you a compliment and you think “What is wrong with him?” He is a really great guy and you don’t believe you deserve his love. You will choose men who won’t commit because deep down you don’t want the same thing to happen to you again.

Can you see how hating is not doing you any favours?

When we hate, we lead with mistrust, we get jealous, we guard our heart, we play games, we don’t let men get close to us and keep the struggle alive.

Players are attracted to broken women

A player is just a guy who hurting too. He doesn’t want to get close to you, in case you cheat, you lie, you hurt him. A player is attracted to your broken heart because a woman who feels broken, doesn’t want to repeat the same pattern and protects herself from diving into deep and ends up in these surface relationships that end up going nowhere.

If you want the big love

If you want the big love, heal your mind, open your heart and allow the good guys in…. and whatever you do STOP hating on men.

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