Every issue is an issue of confidence: the common denominator of your fears is a fear of being rejected. At a very young age, people acquire the fear of being rejected and judged.

Many of us experience this fear throughout our lives, and it is so easy to let that fear take away our self-esteem, keeping us trapped in a prisoner’s mind, holding us back in all areas of our lives.

For many, it leads to self-destructive habits we use to compress this feeling, which results in a downward spiral to depression, and anxiety as your self-esteem has been diminished.

Esteem actually means how much you like yourself, how much you value yourself. Until you really like yourself nothing else matters. When you work on your confidence, everything else starts to fit into place.

Is it difficult to reclaim your unlimited confidence you were born with? The answer is YES.

With me, today on Magnet for love podcast is Diana Rushton and she is sharing with you how to claim your self-esteem so you can succeed in love and life.

About Diana Rushton

Diana delivers a unique bespoke method that cures issues including depression/anxiety, weight loss, addictions, phobias and low self-esteem all in one session.

Diana’s 90-minute therapy sessions with clients have life-changing, lasting results by implementing her unique strategies and tools.

Diana method that she delivers attracts a client list including Hollywood A-listers, award-winning musicians, CEO’s, elite Olympic athletes, influential political figures and even the British Royal Family. What makes this therapy stand alone, is that this method is a dynamic and life-changing therapy, it is accredited, it is proven to work and it gets results fast, often meaning that clients address their issues in one session only.

Worldwide, Diana delivers this unique method, and what she has learned about clients is that they want to choose the ‘right’ therapist, and have confidence that what the therapist is going to do will work for them. Invariably people are in pain and want their issue(s) to go away fast. Diana recognises people are not interested in spending several sessions talking about their issue(s), however, they are interested in where the cause lies, and in finding a solution that is permanent, and not a quick fix.

This underpins Diana’s philosophy as she wants the change to stick, wanting her clients to be able to leave her cured, and cured for good. Diana achieves this with her method, having the skills in her hypnosis practice down to a series of simple, small steps that have dramatic proven results.

Diana Rushton. C.hyp., MPMH., CPPD.

Diana’s Gift for You 

I have a couple of hypnosis CD’s, “Fear is just an illusion” to give away to two listeners.

The CD is designed to unlock and increase your untapped confidence, by breaking away from the fear which holds you back, re-wiring yourself to banish self-doubt, and feel great about yourself.

The hypnotherapy is designed to change your results and transform your life by implementing a powerful method of removing old outdated beliefs, that we take within ourselves in our formative years. Email here to get yours…diana@drhypnotherapy.co.uk

Show Highlights

  • Between the ages of 10-11 you are fully programmed
  • Upgrade your programming, here is how…
  • Focus on what you do want
  • Your brain will do everything it thinks you want
  • Your brain works in four powerful ways, this is just one of them- the brain will move you away from pain and move you towards pleasure

Connect with Diana

Website: http://www.drhypnotherapy.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drhypnotherapy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%40DianaVicci79&src=typd


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