Most of us have been brought up to be kind to others, not speak back, do what your told and so forth and although some of these sayings are very useful in life and have their place they can also lead us to not go after what we want, pleasing others, not setting boundaries, choosing or accepting poor behaviour with men/love. Living unfilled life and not going after what we really want.

About Declan Edwards

Declan Edwards is an author, Confidence & Purpose Coach, keynote speaker and the Founder of BU Coaching. He is passionate about helping people overcome self-doubt, cultivate self-confidence and learn to live purpose-driven lives.

Show Highlights

  • The damage done by being told it is bad to be selfish
  • Fear of putting yourself first
  • How do you feel about putting yourself first?
  • What you most crave from others is what you are not giving yourself
  • 5 steps to really change your life and get over the struggle
  • Accept yourself
  • Running away from what you don’t want won’t get you any closer to what you do want

Declan’s Gift for You

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