Self-worth is how you feel about yourself. Everything derives from your self-esteem and how you view yourself in the world and it effects everything.

How you feel about yourself

Whether you know it or not self-worth drives everything. It drives your career, your financial success, your health and most of all the success or failure of your intimate relationships and the kind of partner you end up with.

Self-worth is how you see and feel about yourself

Most of us in the world, don’t like ourselves. We see only our problems, our flaws and the reasons why we can’t have a man or a loving relationship. We feel the things that we want in life are not attainable. Self-worth will either motivate you or not motivate you to do the things you need to do to have what you want. Self-worth is either aiding you or crippling you in your quest for a loving committed relationship with a great guy.

You will never have love, if you don’t have self-worth

Here’s the “aha”, you need to understand. You will never have a loving relationship with a quality man if you do not build your self-worth. A quality guy is not interested in fixing you, he’s not interested in your game playing or drama. A player is a guy who is hurting too, and he has his own self-worth issues going on.

When we are in the right place in our life we don’t need to play games, we say what we mean and we do what is right for us.

Everything is learnable, stop making having a man or not having a man about you

This was my biggest breakthrough. Instead of focusing on what I was doing wrong over the years and what is wrong with me. I focused my energy on growing. On learning, how people who are successful at love do things differently to me. You should do the same.

Focus your energy on what you need to do differently instead of what is wrong with you

Your greatest success will come when you concentrating on growing yourself instead of what is wrong with you.

Imagine this, every time you are talking to a man, going on a date. Imagine putting your self-worth in a box in the corner and saying to it, stay over there while I practice getting better.

And soon you will see yourself getting great at dating, great at talking to men and great at getting asked out and so on.

Nobody will value you, till you do

You see, no one will value you till you value yourself. No one will treat you well till you do, no one will give you love till you’re willing to accept it, till you believe you deserve it.

You don’t need to be fixed!

At some point you must give up the need to be fixed and focus your energy on the solution. What can I do differently to have what I want? Is a good question to ask yourself.

Most people don’t accept themselves, they think they are the problem, they think they are the mistake, we did something wrong. Instead of getting busy learning what you need to do differently to have what you want.

And here is a good place to start….

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