Like women, men have emotional needs which need to be fulfilled in order for them to feel satisfied in a relationship. To feel satisfied as a man. With me today on the Magnet For Love Podcast is Frank Kermit, and he going to share with you ten emotional needs for men.

This is part 2 of a two-part series. Part 1 Frank shares with you the emotional needs of a woman, check out episode 174 in the search bar above and in part 2 Frank shares with you the emotional needs of a man.

About Frank Kermit

Frank Kermit is a Dating and Relationship Coach in private practice for couples, singles for both monogamous and non-monogamous lifestyles, and in the match making industry. He is an author of over 20 books on relationships, and 25+ audio programs. He is a media correspondent for print, television and radio. For over 15 years Frank Kermit has refined his skills and expertise developing and teaching his own original work based on his Emotional Needs Analysis Theories and helping adult aged virgins enter dating.

Show Highlights

  • The 10 emotional needs for a man
  • Check out Frank’s point on compliance
  • About getting what he wants at home and sexual satisfaction
  • The importance of you being a secret keeper
  • Find out what Frank’s means by “mind the store”, as a man’s emotional need

Frank’s Gift for You

Frank Kermit is offering a FREE gift for my listeners – one for women and one for men. You MUST use the code provided below to get the e-book FREE at checkout on his website FrankTalks.Com

Visit the book section on his website and simply click the name of the e-book below to go directly to the page. Each e-book/ workbook is packed with over 500 pages of information for you.

I’m A Man, That’s My Job: Coaching Workbook for Men by Frank Kermit – Use this Code at Checkout – MEN30

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