We are getting to the end of 2017 and I bet you said to yourself at the beginning of this year you were going to change your love life, once and for all. You are going to do something about it. You really want to meet your great guy this year, but then reality kicks in. You did none of the things you said you would and as a result you are in the same place as you were this time last year, the year before or maybe even 5 or 10 years previously. Having the same conversation with yourself about the same pain point in your love life.

The very thing you want in life seems to be so far away and impossible. Your biggest pain, is your biggest dream.

What keeps you stuck?

Your deep-seated pattern of thinking, behaviours and habits are learned from childhood and are buried in your subconscious. Until you remove what is not working, it will always hold you back. It will continue to draw you back in, time and time again to the same habits, beliefs and behaviours, that are not in alignment with what you want.

And until you shift this, you are nowhere near finding that right guy you keep wishing for year after year.

So how do we change this?

You have got to break the pattern.

Breaking the pattern is breaking the default tendencies that do not serve you in your love life. The things you are doing that are not working.

If you were someone who struggles to set boundaries in your life, you will attract people who keep violating them. Such as a guy you are dating who only asks you out last minute, has not committed to you and you keep dating him when really what you want is a guy who respects your time, gives you notice and commits to you because he wants what you want. That is violating your own boundary and as long as you continue to do this, you will continue to struggle with love.

If you change your behaviour and set the boundary, you would no longer attract a guy who violates them, you would attract a guy who wants what you want. A guy who wants commitment, respect and gives you some idea when he would like to see you again.

Change starts with giving up what is not working and focusing on what you DO want. Focusing on what you want creates inner conflict and inner conflict creates movement.

Movement creates the desire to change, and the desire to change will aid you in transferrming your old habits into new habits that are in alignment with what you want, the right guy.

Your new habit is succeeding and the success gives you confidence. When you are confident you build your self esteem and when you do that you start to believe that what you want is possible for you.

Good things start to show up in your life, giving you evidence it is possible for you.

And as long as you keep doing the right things such as getting dates, dating only quality men, saying no to the wrong guy and saying right to the right guy eventually it clicks, it all clicks.

So, when you have found you have not met him yet and you are wondering what is wrong with you, why you’re not good enough or you are blaming the men.

Take a look, take a hard look at your life right now and answer this question honestly to yourself? What are you doing about it?

Get the help, make love a priority in your life and commit to yourself you won’t give up till you get there because at the end of the day your ability to meet the man of your dreams has more got to do with what you are doing or not doing about it than any other factor.

If you want the guy, then have that honest conversation with yourself. What do you need to do to differently that you are not doing at the moment to get there?

I promise you, you have already got the answers, so let’s do the work. There is no shortcut.

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