Are you in love with a man who you know in your heart of hearts is no good for you? But still you can’t seem to find the inner strength to let him go? He is on your mind day and night. You feel miserable and lost without him. And it feels like he has an emotional hold over you.

This can be very costly to you, you can spend years in pain, losing the people who you are closest too, the opportunity of having your own family or perhaps never even experiencing real love because you spend years with a man who didn’t want what you want, losing who you are in the process.

Andrea Crump knows all too well how hard it can be to escape the emotional hook of a man. Today she shares her story, and how to help yourself break free.

This is Part 2 of this series. Part 1 teaches you what the signs are (look up 169 Andrea Crump- Here Is How To Play Men At Their Own Game) and part 2 is all about how to release that man’s emotional hook over you. When you know he is no good for you, part 2 will give you the insight on how to break free.

About Andrea Crump

Andrea Crump is The Fearless Love Coach, a leading Love & Relationship Coach in the UK, helping single women to increase their confidence, to love without fear and remove the emotional blocks to love so that you can attract & keep Mr. Right in 99 Days or less.

Andrea shows single women how to lead with their feminine power; to surrender control; to use hypnotic power language to hook him and keep him hooked; to understand men and what they need to commit to ONE woman for a long term meaningful loving relationship.

Andrea is a coach, speaker, author & blogger on everything to do with love.

Show Highlights

  • Feeling like I was addicted him
  • When I wasn’t with him I felt low
  • He was my fix
  • I couldn’t talk about anything else
  • My excuse- I feel this…
  • All based on really intense feelings
  • What we can’t have becomes so desirable
  • How to get out the emotional hook
  • Getting back out there shows you there are other options

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