Dating is stressful, time-consuming, and can feel like too much work. You put all your effort into getting a man to like you … and he ends up breaking your heart.

For most of us, our love life is a topic fraught with worry and fear. We worry about being rejected. We worry about what he thinks of us. We’re afraid of growing old alone. No wonder we struggle so much.

Spending our time thinking of ways to avoid pain and missing the opportunities to create what makes us happy.

The Pleasure Principle is a guideline that takes you through the initial stages of attraction, all the way to lifelong love and commitment. It helps you avoid the traps that drag you down in the past, by focusing your attention on what matters: Your absolute pleasure.

About Amy Waterman

Amy Waterman is the author of 5 books on dating and relationships and the co-creator of many more. She’s been writing for women since 2005.

Amy is fascinated by the way in which the latest scientific research has totally transformed our understanding of love and relationships. Amy’s specialty is in the way brain chemistry affects romance.

Amy brings a wealth of personal experience from two decades of international living. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter and enjoys indulging her inner health nut with running, yoga, nature, and green smoothies.

Show Highlights

  • Happiness is nothing more than avoiding pain and pursuing pleasure
  • We are really good at avoiding pain but not so good at pursing pleasure
  • We have a lot of beliefs that give us the message that pleasure is bad
  • Difference between genuine pleasure and pseudo pleasure
  • Genuine pleasure comes from a feeling in the body
  • Genuine pleasure has three characteristics
  • In a relationship that is struggling, we tend to spend our time trying to avoid pain to be happy instead of focusing on how we can add pleasure and bring happiness
  • Research as shown that couples who succeed see problems as a rough patch and then focus their energy on pleasure
  • If your relationship doesn’t have pleasure it is not going to last

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