Love can be tough, especially when you need to heal a broken heart. Everything can remind you of your past relationships or how things were before, but you can heal a broken heart, move on and find love again.

About Jennifer Escalera

Jennifer is a Self-Love Coach, Energy Healer, and Holistic Therapist. She is the creator of Bad Boy Detox, an online course helping single conscious-driven women heal from old love wounds so they can become the love they deserve. This course specializes in metaphysical principles and the divine feminine. Jennifer also works with sound healing, crystals, and meditation.

Show Highlights

  • I was always getting into relationships with men I knew were no good for me
  • I had all the red flags – he told me had cheated in his past relationships, all his friends cheated
  • I was ignored what my body was telling me
  • I was brought up with the belief you must stay with the guy no matter what
  • I associated love with being in a relationship and being trapped
  • My fears feed my low self-worth
  • Patterns and beliefs will always create the situation you are in
  • The day I found out he cheated on me, I fell to my knees not this again
  • Cancelling your life for men
  • Nobody knew I was going through it
  • I am a therapist, I didn’t tell anyone- get support
  • Tapping into your divine femininity is an important part of healing your heart

Jennifer’s Gift for You

Jennifer’s 30 day checklist will help you to stay in action while you are trying to heal from a breakup. It includes a bonus video full of resources and strategies to overcome heartbreak!

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