What is self-intimacy? When we think of intimacy or love, we think of it as an outside/circumstantial situation that is beyond our control. That we can only get intimacy from being in a relationship with another person. That it comes from outside ourselves. What if I told you that is not necessarily true?

With me today is Arica Angelo and she is going to share with you how to create the intimacy you have always wanted.

About Arica Angelo

Arica Angelo is the Founder & CEO of “The Arica Angelo Intimacy Experience”. She helps influencers birth and fuel their legacy through Intimacy.

Show Highlights

  • Self-intimacy is your ability to connect with yourself, love yourself, remain open, growing within that connection
  • We wait for someone to come along before we do the things we want to do
  • Start being intimate with you
  • Arica’s gets intimate with me about my life!
  • Having the hard conversation
  • Intimacy is one risk at a time
  • Love will meet you where you are

Arica’s Gift for You

Get your question answered with a FB Live video response! Go here to join… https://www.aricaangelo.com/

Connect with Arica

Website: https://www.aricaangelo.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arica.angelo.love

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AricaAngelo

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