Why your relationship is hard now, has everything to do with the past! So, if you are having trouble in your marriage? Wondering why it is so hard? Then listen to Darek and I get real, raw and full of heart conversation about his book helping men keep their marriage.

About Darek Laviolette

Darek Laviolette is a Recipient of the Bronze star with Valor. He is a retired Highly Decorated United States Navy SEAL who now works as a Marriage Coach!!!

He wrote a book called A SEAL to Heal Your Marriage, that is an operational guide to marriage, written the way men like to think which also assists men in understanding what happened and how to alter things for the better.

The book was also Darek’s way to apologize to his ex-wife and children after his marriage imploded.

Show Highlights

  • When I saw our marriage through my ex’s wife’s eyes, I found out I showed love to her less than 5 times in 8 years
  • We learn to demonstrate our love from what we experience in childhood
  • This cost me everything
  • I wasn’t there emotionally
  • A lot more women are saying I am not putting up with this BS
  • I didn’t know how to have a relationship
  • Start learning how she thinks
  • Women at their core, appreciates emotional security, financial security, welcoming environment
  • I achieved everything because I had no self-worth

Darek’s Gift for You

Chapter 1 of the book with link to purchase. Also available on Amazon. Four free videos about personality types of women and how to relate. Go here to grab yours…http://asealtohealyourmarriage.com/

Connect with Darek’s

Website: http://asealtohealyourmarriage.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asealtohealyourmarriage/


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