Many people think that intimacy means being physically intimate but that is not entirely true. Today we are chatting about the difference between sex and intimacy. So that you can have more intimacy OUT of the bedroom in order to have more passion IN the bedroom.

About Hilary Silver

Hilary is a Relationship & Intimacy Expert and Master Coach. She is the creator of lifestyle brand Hot, Healthy & Happily Ever After, which teaches lovers how to stay connected in and out of the bedroom so they can keep their love and passion alive for the long term.

With 15 years of experience as a licensed couples therapist, she has worked with thousands of clients on issues such as launching healthy relationships, communication and conflict, infidelity, intimacy, sex and lasting passion.

Hilary tells is like it is on topics that are difficult to talk about and has a no-nonsense style allows her to deliver common sense strategies and practical tools while being refreshingly authentic, firmly supportive, funny and wise.

Show Highlights

  • You can have intimacy with anyone anywhere with full clothes on
  • Giving love is not about how you like to give it but how your partner likes to get it
  • You can create more emotional intimacy outside the bedroom, here is how?
  • Take the time to slow down and tune into each other, share who you really are and how you are feeling in the moment
  • Communicating your needs is a big part of creating intimacy
  • When we are protecting ourselves we cannot connect with someone at the same time, we cannot be true, transparent letting who we love really see us, which is what we want more than anything

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