Married, now what! Has your married life, not turned out as you hoped it would be? Are you both arguing all the time and resolving any conflict can seem like a pointless waste of time? Does he point out your faults? Would you rather he would handle thing differently.

With me today on Magnet For Love Podcast is Zev Halpern, he is a relationship and marriage coach for over 20 years, he is going to share with you the lessons he has learned over two decades of fixing broken marriages.

About Zev Halpern

Zev Halpern is a husband of thirty plus years, father, contributing author of The Courage To… , TV Show Host and Podcaster of The Raw Marriage Show and the Founder and President of Recharge Your Marriage Now. In addition to over 21 years of experience as a marriage counselor, relationship coach, speaker, and seminar facilitator, Zev have designed and directed human growth and behavioral health programs in schools, communities and the workplace.

“The Raw Marriage Show,” helps couples cope with the realities of married life. The show broadcasts as both a unique TV Show, and a podcast.

Show Highlights

  • Zev answers the question can your marriage be saved?
  • It is easier to ignore problems, but this is not the best plan of action
  • The Importance of making it known what you are experiencing
  • Anger and yelling, how to handle it
  • Have the difficult conversation
  • Being right instead of supportive listening
  • A mechanism for conflict resolution having the difficult conversations
  • Getting your spouse to go for help with you together

Zev’s Gift for You

Free Download for The Intimacy Guide for Couples…Grab yours here.

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