Are you spending your time playing small, staying in a relationship that is not serving you? Don’t know whether to stay or go. Is fear keeping you trapped? What if you dared to let go? What would happen?

With me today on the Magnet For Love Podcast is Linda Berger and she is going to share with you how to stop playing small so that you can gather strength and courage to let go the relationship that is not serving you.

About Linda Berger

Linda Berger’s vast experience with women in transition, and her ability to guide them with precision to land on their feet with grace, wisdom, and self-confidence makes her the leading expert for women in transitioning from situations, within their life, work, family, and personal dramas. She designs and facilitates programs specifically targeting issues women face in their life and business.

She has a keen ability to look within their situation to help women plan a loving and empowered path to transformation from the playing too small to embracing their dreams to live a life full of love, joy and abundance. Linda is inspiring and motivating.

Show Highlights

  • Thinking of leaving a relationship first of all stop and ask yourself this question-What is going on inside for you?
  • Do some self-exploration
  • When our needs are not being met, we are looking outside ourselves to feel desired, beautiful or wanted
  • Do you need to fulfil your own needs yourself or have you outgrown the relationship?
  • Women judging ourselves in an epidemic-feeling less then and not good enough
  • Create a Plan to make your move –emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually
  • Flip your old patterns from can’t and don’t to can and will!

Linda’s Gift for You

Download Linda’s Free Ebook Dare To Let Go filled with insight, guidance, exercises and wisdom for the women desiring a life of authentic expression. Go here to grab yours…

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