Is falling in love an active or passive event? Does the best equation for finding love involve BEING (passively trusting you’ll meet the right person) or DOING (actively seeking your match)?

Is falling in love something that happens to you or something that you make happen? Do you need to trust that one day you’ll meet the right partner? Or do you need to be doing something about it, like taking active action towards love? Organising more dates, getting yourself asked out more and so forth, so that lasting love can happen? Today’s talk is about how to achieve that balance between BEING and DOING in order to FALL IN-LOVE. Heidi Crockett is an relational neuroscience expert who going to reveal all.

About Heidi Crockett

Heidi Crockett is a dating coach, licensed psychotherapist, author, and professional speaker. Her areas of expertise are brain integration and finding love using relational neuroscience. She has post-graduate training in sexual health through the University of Michigan and is one of five AASECT-Certified Sexuality Educators in Florida. She is the author of “The Neuroscience of Dating,” a book on how to build resiliency and emotional intelligence as you navigate the pitfalls of dating.

Crockett fell in love with relational neuroscience when in graduate school and has used the principles to overcome grief from losing her spouse to cancer in her twenties, as well as to conquer her naivete in the dating scene in her thirties. A self-proclaimed sufferer of “Naive Disorder,” Crockett lays out neuroscience dating tips to save readers time and money! She hopes her readers will laugh and learn about the Holy Grail known as brain integration.

Show Highlights

  • How BEING vs. DOING in dating can be understood using a visual metaphor for brain integration
  • How equal amounts of F.lexibility, A.daptability, and ST.ability help you to flow FAST down your River of Brain Integration to dating success
  • How relational neuroscience places difficult people on a spectrum from low brain integration to high brain integration
  • Tips to quickly spot a person’s level of brain integration which can save you a lot of time and energy
  • How mindsight (like eyesight but directing your mind) enables you to achieve higher and higher levels of brain integration, happiness, and love

Heidi’s Free Gift for You

Free ebook, “Four Dating Tips On How to Spot Lower Levels of Brain Integration,” which includes a brain chart from her book, explains four of the nine functions of the prefrontal cortex with examples, and has two special offers at the end. Go to:

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