“Baby, I love you, Baby I need you, I can’t live without you!” We hear it in songs, see it in films, read it in books and it sounds so romantic. Truth is though, if you feel that you need your guy, you’re in big trouble! A needy relationship is toxic and almost certainly doomed. Today, Dr. John McGrail and I will be discussing neediness; what it is, why it’s so bad for you to need or be needed by someone, and how to rid yourself of neediness so you can find the love you want and deserve.

About John McGrail

John McGrail, PhD, is a renowned hypnotherapist, personal success and relationship coach, spiritual teacher and a leading media expert on the topic of personal improvement. His exclusive Synthesis process makes changing your life, both easy and enjoyable. Dr. John has helped thousands of clients, singles and couples bring lasting change, growth and transformation into every aspect of their lives.

He is a frequent guest on radio and television and his writing and expertise have been featured in numerous print and online publications—e.g. Time, Readers Digest, Self, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home journal, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, WebMD, LIVESTRONG.com SheKnows, Intent, etc. His book, The Synthesis Effect, shares and teaches his Synthesis techniques and is receiving rave reviews. He is currently at work on his new book, Me, Myself and Us: Finding Your Path to Happily Ever After. Dr. John resides in Los Angeles, California.

Show Highlights

  • Trying to fill the void from within yourself with someone else
  • Looking for your source of love outside yourself and the danger of that
  • Giving up your personal power to someone else, because when they leave you have nothing
  • Neediness is when you feel anguish and agony when you are not with him, when you can’t just get on with it without your other half
  • Love, honor and respect yourself; live in your personal power
  • Healthy love is when you want one another, but you don’t need them

John’s Gift for You

Go to http://www.drjohnmcgrail.com and sign up for a free meditation giveaway from Dr. John. This powerful introduction to meditation can change your life in any area you wish.

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Website: http://drjohnmcgrail.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjohnmcgrail

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