Is it a world of blame you live in or a world of forgiveness? Does forgiveness make you seem weak like you, have accepted another person’s poor behaviour? That you are okay with what he did to you or is forgiveness as powerful as the experts make it out to be and if so how?

About Allison Reiner

Allison Reiner  is The Relationship Rescue Coach, Mentor and Speaker.  She regularly contributes to YourTango, TriveGlobal and The Huffington Post.

Allison teaches courageous women how to transform their relationships by working on their biggest love first. THEMSELVES!  She is on a mission to introduce the world to the idea of SERIOUS SELF LOVE. It isn’t wrong it isn’t selfish – but it is the solution to living happy, contented connected lives. In fact, it is the secret ingredient to the most successful relationships around.

Her teaching allows women to:

  • Accept their feeling and emotions without shame
  • Become vulnerable and lose the fear of judgement
  • Harness the power we have within
  • Release the dread of being branded a VICTIM
  • Create a connection with yourself that allows you to radiate confidence.

Her approach is guaranteed to transform all of your relationships.

Love is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, of seeing ourselves and others.

We are perfect and lovable as we are.

Owning our hurts doesn’t make us weak – it’s where our strengths lie.

Show Highlights

  • Blame & forgiveness are both a necessity
  • The Importance of feeling the feelings
  • Boundaries and forgiveness
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Owning our hurts, doesn’t make us weak – it’s where our strengths lie
  • You can’t forgive yourself till you know yourself
  • Accept yourself

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