Do you know the warning signs of an abusive man? Would you make the same mistake again and again? Falling for the same behaviours, sweet talk and dangerous love is costly. Love is not hurtful, is not painful, love is light, beautiful and a sense of togetherness that is healthy and fulfilling. If this is your wish join me today with Chantell Vermaak who is going to share with you the signs of an abusive man, so you can stop repeating the same mistake and avoid a love that is costly to you and your well-being, saving you years of heartache and sorrow.

About Chantell Vermaak Johnson

Chantell was married to an abusive man for just over 10 years and now, 10 years later, considers herself recovered. She now works with women who have left their hell-on-earth relationship and helps them fast track their recovery so that they can claim their birthright as the powerfully confident women they were meant to be.

Show Highlights

  • Early warning signs he is abuser
  • How to get out of your hell on earth
  • How it costs you in life
  • Falling into the trap of believing what your abuser tells you
  • Why you need to leave before it is too late
  • Warning! Watch out for these subtle signs-Things that man do that are idolised as romantic but are actually the signs of an abuser

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