Are you doubting yourself, not sure if the guy you are with is the right guy for you?  How can you tell and how can you trust yourself and be sure he is the one?

About Susan Ortolano

Susan was once a little girl dreaming about love, weddings, white picket fences, and a handsome guy on the white horse. After enduring years of bad, painful relationships and a failed marriage, she discovered the real reason she hadn’t yet found true love. After much personal growth work, she’s now a happily remarried lady!

Her personal experiences along with a devastating illness inspired her to transition from award winning School Teacher to Intuitive Relationship Coach and Educator. Susan has a B.A. from UCLA, a Teaching Credential from CSUDH, an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. Susan skilfully combines her finely tuned clairvoyant skills (as she also does Intuitive Readings) with her coach training to teach people to master the art of successful relationships through private coaching and virtual classes.

Personally, Susan and her husband Rick admit to being suckers for a good romance through their love for books, TV, and movies. She admits to being a fan of Y/A romance and has seen the Twilight Series more times than she can count. Susan loves humour, helping others, studies spirituality, astrology, is a proud Aunt, Godmother, God-Grandmother and resides with Rick in the mountain canyons near Los Angeles, California.

Show Highlights

  • The reasons why you try to convince yourself that the wrong guy is the right guy for you
  • How to qualify a guy, so that you know he is definitely the right guy for you
  • Importance of internally qualifying a guy, that deeper knowing of trusting your own gut
  • Trusting your feelings, why this is so important
  • Difference between the high of love and the reassuring intuitive feeling he right for you
  • Getting that deeper truth
  • The cost of ignoring your gut

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Check out Susan’s first and popular interview 098 Why Are You Are Still Single & What You Can Do To Change It! Where Susan shares with you her personal story and chats with you about old programming and deserving love.


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