Texting has become a big part of communication and so many of us are confused about what to say in a text. How do you show interest to the guy you like or should you play it cool? What if you show too much interest and then you come across looking desperate. How do you flirt without his brain going to sex buddy, after all you want long-term love. These are some of the questions most women are looking for answers too, and here to give you the inside scoop is Damona Hoffman and Ray Christian.

About Damona Hoffman & Ray Christian

Damona Hoffman is a certified dating coach, radio host, and TV personality. Damona is a guest speaker for Match.com and she’s the host of The Dates & Mates Radio Show on iHeart Radio, #BlackLove on FYI TV, and a new relationship series on FYI TV that will premiere summer 2017.

She was a finalist for iDate’s Best Dating Coach of 2014 and 2016, was named as one of the top dating experts in LA by DatingAdvice.com, and has made hundreds of media appearances on NBC, Fox, Animal Planet, SiriusXM, Woman’s Day Magazine, Essence Magazine, People Magazine and more.

Ray Christian is the founder and CEO of Textpert and co-host of Dates & Mates. He’s originally from Washington, DC where he worked as a CPA and business development executive. After years in the corporate world he founded Textpert as a platform for young adults to get relationship advice from anonymous friends. Ray built the company from scratch and in the process became an expert in the dating world and social media. He has been featured in Huffington Post, BuiltInLA, SoCalTech.com and many other outlets.

Show Highlights

  • The Texting 10 Commandments
  • Dating App dilemmas
  • Modern chivalry
  • How to date like a feminist

Damona & Ray Gift For You

Texting is the game-changer of the modern dating game. If you’re not communicating effectively over text messages, you are potentially driving away amazing dates. This workbook will help you figure out just what to say and how to say it… or should I say, type it. Go here to grab yours…. https://damonahoffman.com/texting10commandments

Connect with Damona & Ray

Website: https://damonahoffman.com/dates-mates-radio/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DamonaHoffman/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DamonaHoffman

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