Barry talks about the beauty and strength of feminine energy. Why men are attracted to feminine energy. What it looks and feels like and how you can tap into yours.

About Barry Selby

Barry Selby is author, speaker and relationship attraction expert. He is a passionate champion for the divine feminine. His service is helping strong successful committed women to own and live in their feminine power, so they attract their true divine masculine partnership in relationship, and become a powerful force in the world. His book 50 Ways To Love Your Lover is a #1 best-seller, and he is an in-demand inspirational speaker about love, romance and passionate relationship.

Barry is a dynamic and heartfelt speaker and coach. His background and passion for learning inform his work, and he loves to help others live authentically and successfully, so they can live more fully from their hearts and love more completely.

Show Highlights

  • Barry shares the difference between masculine & feminine energy
  • He explains how men are attracted to feminine energy in women and why
  • He also shares how a strong successful woman can make a man feel emasculated when she not in her feminine energy
  • How feminine energy is our strength
  • If you want a masculine guy, love what you posses naturally

Barry Gift to You

My gift: with everyone getting caught up on how to be romantic, and how to have wonderful dates, I did my own research and came up with over 100 ideas for romantic dates and experiences. This is my gift to you. Called Adventures In Romance, you can download your own copy for free at the following link…

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