Men and women think differently, we communicate differently. Christine Baumgarter shares the top three things men and women misunderstand about each other that cause hurt and frustration in their relationships and what you can do about it. She shares the importance of understanding the opposite sex and by knowing the clear difference between men and women you will be able to communicate with your other half effortlessly.

About Christine Baumgartner

Christine’s the right dating coach for you if you’re frustrated with your dating life or you’re new to dating and just don’t know how to even start. Christine works with singles that are ready to finally have a loving partner in their life and are willing to tackle what’s been keeping that love away. Her clients say that working with Christine helped them finally attract the committed loving relationship you desire and deserve.

Christine’s coaching capitalizes the 20 years she was single between her two marriages where each time she’d date a new man and her friends asked, “So what do you think about him?” Christine would say, “Nice guy I’d never marry him.” She finally learned how to change this pattern and began dating men she would actually marry. Because of this radical change her friends wanted to know what she was doing differently and as she taught them how to date differently they started dating men they also wanted to marry. During this time Christine also became a top coach for John Gray. She combined her professional coaching with her personal experiences and created her Transform Your Dating Life system.

Christine knows this system works because it’s how she met her deceased husband Tony; they married in 2007.

Christine’s Transform Your Dating Life system will help you –

  • Clarify what you want and need from a partner so you’ll begin choosing dates you’ll enjoy going out with.
  • Finally feel comfortable and confident in your dating relationships.
  • Learn what’s been keeping you from attracting the right type of man and women so you’ll stop wasting your time going out with the wrong type of people.

So if you’ve been saying;

  • I’ve been dating for a while and I’m still meeting the “wrong” people
  • I’m newly single and don’t know where to begin
  • I’ve had many short term relationships and I’m ready for a long term committed relationship.

Then working with Christine will give you the tools, encouragement, and support to help you finally met your last love.

Christine is deeply committed to helping her clients and she’s proven that coaching helps them reach this powerful and meaningful personal goal of finding love.

Christine Offer To You…

To have a 60 minute complimentary coaching conversation with me

I treat this conversation like a ‘first date.’ Our conversation is to see if the assistance you need in your dating and relationships is something my coaching can help you with. And during this call you will definitely learn tools you can start using right away.

On the homepage of my website fill out the – What’s Holding Me Back from Love questionnaire and you’ll be taken to my calendar to schedule your 60 minute complimentary coaching conversation.

Show Highlights

  • First step is always break the pattern in your life
  • Look for the trait, look for the belief, look for the trend
  • Men talk to share information and women talk to feel better
  • Your caring can come across as I don’t trust you, our intentions are honorable but it can be misread
  • Women need reassurance everyday
  • We as women think if someone loves us enough they just know what we are thinking, so we don’t always ask for what we want
  • Look at both perspectives

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