Confidence helps every area of your life. Confidence helps you make better choices, confidence helps you have healthy relationships. Confidence help you soar in areas you didn’t believe you can. Is it time you learned how to develop confidence and live it?

About Jay Hurt

Jay Hurt is an Author, Speaker and Relationship Coach.  Jay has written for several print and online publications over the last seven years.  Jay writes for the premier site addressing African-American Relationships,  Jay was a featured writer on one of the world’s top matchmaking sites, as well as articles on such sites as  Jay has been a relationship expert featured on,, Mocha Market Magazine and his blog,

As a sales professional, Jay’s relationship building techniques were key to his success.  As he transitioned to the world of serving those who want to have healthy relationships, Jay has repositioned many of those same techniques such as clear communication, honor and appreciation to influence change toward better relationships.

A large part of Jay’s focus is to work with women to make better choices and conscious decisions in relationships.  Jay has a base of supporters from Canada to West Africa that he reaches through articles, social media, and various TV, podcast and radio interviews.  He is also the author of The 9 Tenets of a Successful Relationship, for Singles.

Show Highlights

  • You can grow through anything if you have the confidence to believe in yourself
  • Look inside first & ask yourself-What is my challenge?
  • Don’t worry about what others are doing, you just focus on what you do best
  • We are enough to be good enough for anyone in our space
  • Act anyway

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