Are your beliefs about love, men and relationships holding you back? What about the beliefs you hold about yourself? Megan O’Neill is a core belief engineer therapist and she knows a thing or two about getting rid of those annoying thoughts that keep us stuck with no man and no love.

About Megan O’Neill

Megan O’Neill is Certified Core Belief Engineering (CBE) Practitioner who has been assisting clients for 14 years to break-free of the blocks that are holding them back from finding fulfilling and lasting love.

She first discovered CBE therapy after hearing the amazing results her boyfriend (now husband) had achieved while working with a CBE therapist. She became a CBE Practitioner in 2002 and has worked with a wide variety of clients with a focus on the area of relationships. She is passionate about helping people have great relationships and connecting more deeply with who they are.

Megan has been married for 15 yrs, has 2 kids, and lives in Ottawa, Canada. For more information on how beliefs can affect our lives, and our relationships, come to and sign up for my free email series.

Show Highlights

  • I didn’t trust men, I believed all men cheated and it was only a matter of time. Megan shares her story
  • Her boyfriend told her…we don’t have this in our family, yet you are projecting your lack of trust onto me.
  • Her boyfriend was bullied as a kid. He’s good-looking, but had zero confidence and core belief engineering helped him change his life
  • Everyone is born with a healthy base
  • Until you resolve your beliefs you will continue to attract the same person into your life again and again

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