Are you wishing your guy would make more of an effort for you? Want him to initiate more? What is stopping him? Daniel Bates shares with you, why your guy is not making the effort anymore in and outside the bedroom.

About Daniel Bates

Daniel Bates is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with families dealing with violence, substance abuse and legal issues. He also helps couples who are struggling with relational and intimacy issues. Daniel loves to write and think critically about mental health issues. He’s passionate about spending time with his wife and daughters, connecting with friends and getting lost in a good book. Daniel also writes for two online magazines: and You can find links to Daniel’s books, read his blog, and view and purchase his paintings at his website

Show Highlights

  • Women want to feel wanted, women want to be pursued
  • Guys don’t initiate for several reasons
  • Ladies, be careful of false promises
  • Being worried about how you look puts men off
  • It sucks when you put yourself out there and the woman doesn’t show interest
  • You are hurting the relationship when you don’t acknowledge the effort he has made for you, you are damaging the heart of your partner
  • Men will want sex and then they feel more affection towards their partners, women want affection, conversation and foreplay and they are ready to have sex

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